Whats in it for me, and how does solar save me money?

Prices are at an all time low. Congress has just extended the 30% Solar Tax Credit through to 2021. The California Solar Initiative, (SCI)  offers cash back for going solar. Depending on the utility, rebates can range from 10% - 20% for the entire cost of going solar. That should get you excited about generating your own electricity and not being at the mercy of your utility company's perpetual rate hikes.

  • 91% of Californians view energy efficiency in the home as an important factor when considering the purchase of a new home.
  • 81% believe that solar electric systems allow  homeowners to start saving on monthly living costs immediately.
  • 70% said the cost of the monthly electric bill was an important factor in their decision to buy a new home.
  • Solar homes with an average system size of 3.1 kW sold for approximately $17,000 or more than non-solar homes.
  • According to a recent study conducted by HUD and EPA, it was concluded that homes with a solar energy system sold 50% faster than their competitors.
  • A solar system could potentially increase the value of your home by $30,000 or more.


Harnessing The Sun's Power

As solar panels harvest the power from the sun, an inverter converts the DC (Direct Current) energy and transforms it into AC current (Alternating Current) that can be used for immediate power or banked for future and night time use.


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10 reasons to go solar

  1. $0 money down on your solar investment
  2. Realize a fast R.O.I. (Return on Investment)
  3. Lock in a predictable solar panel & avoid increasing electricity costs
  4. Enjoy peace of mind that your system is guaranteed for 25 years including monthly monitoring of the systems performance online & on your mobile device
  5. Add equity to your home
  6. Utilize federal and state tax credits and utility rebates
  7. Choose from a variety of financial options, including purchase, lease, or PPA
  8. Save thousands of dollars over the next 20 years
  9. Create local jobs and boost the economy
  10. A worry free energy producing system

California has more than 100 rebates and incentives throughout the state with every city being different.

Sunrise Solar will guide you through the complicated process and identify a government program to tailor fit your needs and budget with honesty and integrity.

Rates are on the rise,

What you need to know


At Sunrise Solar, our team of experts are dedicated to putting the clients needs first, from concept to completion.

The foundation of Sunrise Solar is built on exceeding our clients needs and expectations.

From the minute you contact us with your solar questions, our experts will walk you through the process of installing a state of the art photovoltaic system (PV) for your home or business.

Now is definitely the time to go solar!

  • Utility companies increase rates yearly, quarterly, and monthly.
  • Not all rate hikes are publicly announced.
  • Most California utility companies are penalizing home owners with tiered billing.
  • Power Prices historically have been increasing annually by 7.5%

The federal government is heavily involved in helping Americans become energy independent; in essence, your homes new solar system becomes a mini power plant, selling kilowatts back to your utility company.

To encourage homeowners in adopting renewable energy, a 30% Federal Tax Credit is available to virtually every homeowner.

Solar Simplified

What you are about to read is an easy-to-understand, accurate, and comprehensive way to illustrate how the utility companies are gauging you month after month;

If gasoline today cost $2.50 / gallon, and I can personally lock in that rate for the next 30 years, what would you think about that?

That is the same concept for installing a PV solar system on your home, except with kW (Kilowatts) instead of gallons of gas, releasing you from the bondage of the utility companies constant rate hikes.

Offset costs with Rebates, Tax breaks and Incentives

Increase your properties value by $30,000 or more

According to the EPA, improving the energy efficiency of your home or business can help you to substantially lower high energy bills, improve comfort and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Research released by the California Energy Commission reveals that California home buyers want energy efficient homes.